Allaine Cerwonka

: Assoc Director of ASG; Director of International, The Alan Turing Institute

Allaine is Director of Turing International and Associate Director of the AI for Science & Government Programme (ASG). She has been at the Institute since 2017, providing senior leadership in the development and delivery of large-scale data science and machine learning programmes.

As Associate Director of the research programme AI for Government & Science (ASG), she co-leads a large-scale programme that aims to extend the benefits of AI to the public sector and discovery science, including offices of the national government, local government, the healthcare sector and scientific agencies and labs. Included in the programme’s work are the development of digital twins for industry and urban planners; and the co-design of ethical frameworks and guidelines with government and third sector stakeholders.

As Director of Turing’s International activities, Allaine leads in the development in the Institute’s international strategy. She is responsible for Turing’s international activities which include international research collaborations, Turing’s international visitors’ programmes, and delivering the international AI leadership as set out in the UK’s AI Strategy.

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