Andrew Kingdon

Head of Informatics Research, British Geological Survey

Andy Kingdon is a Head of Informatics Research at the British Geological Survey. He is an expert in geoscience informatics and petrophysics with 32 years’ experience and has published 32 peer-reviewed paper, multiple citable datasets and technical reports. He manages a team with expertise in application of data science techniques, including machine learning, deep learning spatial / temporal statistics and natural language processing, to environmental science problems, particularly focussed on understanding heterogeneity of physical properties in the subsurface. He is convinced unless geoscience data its attributed with good metadata, quality assured and databased with great care by knowledgeable experts then much of its potential value is lost. He believes your wastepaper basket is your most important data management tool. He is currently working on extracting and repurposing quality data from BGS’s extensive archives of data from industrial sources.

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