Anna George

Social Data Science PhD candidate, University of Oxford and The Alan Turing Institute

Anna George is a Social Data Science PhD student at the University of Oxford who uses computational approaches to study online harms. Her research focuses on the message transmission of harmful online communities. Before joining the doctoral program at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), Anna graduated with distinction from the OII’s MSc in Social Data Science. Anna holds an M.S. in Industrial/Organizational-Social Psychology and a B.S. in Psychology, Second Major in Sociology, and minor in Statistics.

The goal of Anna’s research is to make the internet a safer space for all by studying those who make the internet unsafe. Anna is continuing this mission at The Alan Turing Institute so that she can increase her use of high-quality social data science methods in her work. During her time at the Alan Turing Institute, Anna will be using Natural Language Processing techniques to quantitatively capture harmful narratives to see where these narratives are present online. Anna hopes her work will inform algorithmic approaches to tracking and tackling hateful narratives.

Anna George - AI UK 2023 speaker

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