Anya Skatova

Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol

Anya is a behavioural and data scientist at the University of Bristol, UK, where she leads a Transaction Data for Population Health programme funded through UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship (2021-2028). Anya has published over 30 articles in discipline specific (e.g. computer science, psychology, ethics) and general science journals. As a passionate advocate of unlocking large digital footprint datasets for the benefit of society, she works with a wide network of stakeholders both in industry and public sector.

At Bristol, Anya also leads a Digital Footprints Lab, in which the team studies how novel digital footprint data can be used to understand human behaviour and real-life outcomes, such as health. They are currently focusing on transaction data – specifically, loyalty and banking cards – and working on realising the value of using these data to improve population health. They also investigate a range of issues related to public attitudes to data sharing, prosocial behaviour and fundamental questions about individual differences in decision-making and choice.

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