Batool Almarzouq

Research Project Manager, AI for Multiple Long-term Conditions, The Alan Turing Institute

Batool currently serves as a Research Project Manager for AI for Multiple Long-Term Conditions: Research Support Facility at the Alan Turing Institute and holds an honorary research fellow position at the University of Liverpool. Her journey began as a pharmacologist but a passion for computational biology and bioinformatics led her to obtain a PhD exploring the potential vulnerability of triple-negative breast cancer.

Batool’s expertise in genetics, structural biology and machine learning algorithms has allowed her to develop a unique blend of interests, which have paved the way for her advocacy for inclusive and collaborative research practices. She leads the Open Science community in Saudi Arabia and serves as a Content Subject Matter Expert for NASA’s Transform to Open Science program.

With a strong commitment to empowering the next generation of Open Science ambassadors, Batool is a mentor and facilitator for The Open Life Science program and a core contributor to The Turing Way. Her passion for Open Science has led her to deliver numerous talks and training programs, and when she’s not coding, she’s on an adventure exploring new places.

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