Cari Hyde-Vaamonde

Visiting Lecturer / Researcher, King's College London

Fascinated by the potential for code and AI to reform how law and justice function, Cari Hyde-Vaamonde is an experienced lawyer and court advocate. Having practised in diverse fields including technology, Cari became increasingly interested in systematic analysis. Her focus on research in the field recently culminated in a UKRI 4-year award to research the impacts of AI in justice settings at King’s College London, where she is also a Visiting Lecturer in AI, Law and Society as well as the Law of Financial Technologies. She is engaged in several interdisciplinary collaborations, is co-convener of the Innovations in Judging collaborative research network and presents research internationally. Cari has a special interest in using visualisations and art to convey otherwise complex ideas in an accessible way, and has been involved in projects to this end, such as the MERCY project.

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