Charmaine Wong

Head of DAO, ESG and Group BI & Analytics, HSBC

Charmaine Wong Head of DAO, ESG and Group BI & Analytics – HSBC Charmaine is the Group Head of ESG Data & Analytics at HSBC as well as serving as the Head of Group Business Intelligence and Analytics. She has been with the group for over 10 years with senior roles within risk, finance and wholesale. In her role as Group Head of Business Intelligence and Analytics, she is accountable for rolling out the standards for managing AI risks including responsible AI. As Group Head of ESG Data & Analytics, she leads the charge in bringing a data-led and analytical approach to the topic of ESG. Focussing on providing HSBC with the data and insights it requires to make informed ESG decisions, spearheading initiatives such as HSBC’s transition to net-zero. Prior to joining HSBC, she was worked in major financial institutions in Australia and South East Asia.

Charmaine Wong - AI UK 2023 speaker

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