Evangeline Corcoran

Research Associate, The Alan Turing Institute

Evangeline Corcoran is a Research Associate at the Alan Turing Institute working on the Impact of Climate Change on UK Agriculture and Food Security Project as a part of the AI for Science and Government Program. Prior to joining the Turing, she completed her PhD on ‘Monitoring and Modelling Vulnerable Wildlife Populations Using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and Machine Learning’ at Queensland University of Technology in 2021.

Evangeline is a quantitative ecologist, and her research interests include a focus on how advanced technologies such as machine learning and remote sensing can be applied to environmental data to address challenges to conservation and enhance our understanding of how ecosystems function.

In her role on the UK agriculture project, she is focussed on data integration, tools, and scaling across the project. This is includes development and maintenance of a database of data and models related to crop yield, development of tools for automated plant phenotyping, and exploring use of machine learning to predict crop yield from satellite imagery at a coarse-grain UK-wide scale.

Evangeline Corcoran - AI UK 2023 speaker

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