Hutan Ashrafian

Head of AI and Big Data, Institute of Global Helath Innovation, Imperial College London

Professor Hutan Ashrafian is a clinician-scientist, entrepreneur and active surgeon translating novel technologies and therapeutics in healthcare and policy. He is Lead for Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data at IGHI Imperial College London and has over 20 years of translational clinical practice, robotic surgery, digital, remote sensing and AI trials.

Hutan leads the global STARD-AI and QUADAS-AI guidelines and the Imperial-Google collaboration AI in Breast Cancer Screening and with NICE on AI-HTA. He is currently Chief Scientific Officer of Preemptive Medicine at Flagship Pioneering, which generated Moderna. His PhD is in computational physiology and he was awarded the Royal College of Surgeons Arris and Gale Lectureship, the Hunterian Prize, Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship and an NIHR Clinical Lectureship.

Hutan has authored more than 550 publications and 12 books. Several eponymous signs are named after him (Ashrafian sign for aortic regurgitation and Ashrafian Thoracotomy). His philosophical work in artificial general intelligence includes The modified-Ashrafian Turing Test and the AIonAI law of human and AI rights, and a solution to the Simulation Argument which are taught at law schools. He is regularly featured in historical and scientific documentaries and also discovered a time paradox in general relativity and closed timelike curves (CTC). He is visiting Professor of Research Impact at Leeds University Business School. He has co-edited the major reference text of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine by Springer Nature.

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