Johanna Hutchinson

Director of Analytics & Data Science, UK Health Security Agency

Johanna is the UK Health Security Agency’s (UKHSA) Director of Analytics & Data Science. She has been in DataIQ’s top 100 data leaders for the past five years and third most influential person in Data 2021 in recognition of her work in government supporting the COVID-19 pandemic response. She leads the build of modelling and analytical capabilities for pandemic responses and health threats, and is the senior responsible person for the Environmental Monitoring for Health Protection programme.

Johanna became a Civil Servant in 2010 and has enjoyed a range of interesting roles across government, from writing HMRC’s first data strategy to leading the first data team at The Pensions Regulator. She has been at the forefront of championing cloud based platforms for analytics in government, and is a keen advocate of increased use of data and analysis in public services. Johanna has always been a key player in promoting diversity in the workforce.

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