Louise Butcher

Principal Data Scientist, STFC Hartree Centre

Louise is a Principal Data Scientist at the STFC Hartree Centre, where she has worked for 5 years. Although working on all areas of data science and machine learning, one of her key areas of interest is in the analysis of geospatial and time series data including both satellite data and GPS/sensors. Projects in this space have included analysing energy use for South West Water and improving GPS filters for mobile phone tacking for Glow Media.

Louise also has an interest in healthcare data, and has worked on data for the Liverpool clinical commissioning group to reduce discharge delays, as well as to detect anomalies in breast ultrasound scans. Her career path has been varied and interesting – after graduating with a PhD in Physics, Louise worked in commercial R&D for Pilkington, exploring the spectroscopic and thermal properties of glass to be used in cars. This was her first experience of machine learning, predicting the optical properties given the chemical composition. She later moved to the University of Manchester to work on computer vision and face recognition, and founded a spin out company to exploit the technology.


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