Priscilla Canizares

Daphne Jackson Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute

Dr Priscilla Canizares is an Alan-Turing Daphne-Jackson Fellow. She is working on developing a non-invasive biopsy advisor to aid ovarian and kidney tumour diagnosis.

Her multidisciplinary research background spans quantum optics, gravitational-wave astronomy and applied mathematics. Priscilla’s current research interests are clinical-image reconstruction and modelling astrophysical systems, developing tools at the intersection between theoretical physics and machine learning.

Priscilla earned a PhD in theoretical physics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. After her PhD she was awarded a Beatriu de Pinos and Marie Curie individual Fellowships to work on the LISA and LIGO experiments at the IoA in Cambridge (UK). Then, she joined the gravitational-waves group at the Radboud University (NL). During this period, she went on maternity leave, followed by a career break, including some years in the industry.

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