Sophia Bachelor

Community Manager (Tools, Practices and Systems), The Alan Turing Institute

Sophia is a Researcher and Community Manager at The Alan Turing Institute. Interested in the intersection between neuroscience, human-computer interaction and healthcare. She develops tools that support safer, kinder and more equitable interactions between people and technology.

Sophia was a recipient of the Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship in 2022 and Nextant Rising Star prize in 2020 for her research in the field of neuroscience and virtual reality. She holds a dual degree from the University of California Berkeley in Psychology, and Interdisciplinary Studies in Computer Science, Neuroscience and Ethics. Sophia also pursued research at the Center for Immersive Technologies with the University of Leeds to further understand how we learn and interact with the world.

At The Alan Turing Institute, Sophia uses her background as a neuroscientist and passion for science communication as part of the AI for Multiple Long Term Conditions Research Support Facility (AIM RSF) and AutSPACEs projects to establish responsible, inclusive  and collaborative research infrastructure across the Turing network.

Sophia provides insight into the brain’s blackbox and seeks to improve the way humans and systems can interact. Her projects come with a kiwi accent and passion for improving science at scale.

You can connect with her on twitter @brainonsilicon or on the AIM RSF Slack workspace.

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