Thao Do Ngoc

PhD Student, University of Bath

Thao is a computational social scientist and development professional with research interests focused on governance and public policy, ICT4D, ethics of AI, digital justice, human trafficking and child protection. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Bath’s ART-AI centre. Her research examines the accountable, responsible, and transparent usage of AI in anti-trafficking tools.

Thao has ten years’ experience in the international development and humanitarian response sector, working with grassroots organisations, INGOs, UN agencies and research institutes. She serves in advisory, research and director roles in programmes supported and funded by various agencies such as FCDO, IDS, UNICEF, UNHCR and SIDA. She is also leading a development initiative in Vietnam; Share for VN Development – a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences for development practitioners and scholars in the Development studies field in Vietnam.

Thao has worked in the US, UK, India, Tunisia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Uganda. She was nominated for the Women of the Future Awards in Southeast Asia and Forbes Vietnam 30 under 30 under Social Development category.


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