Timandra Harkness

Writer, presenter, comedian.

Timandra Harkness is a writer, broadcaster and presenter. Her book, Big Data: does size matter?, was published by Bloomsbury Sigma in 2016. She is currently writing her second non-fiction book for Harper Collins.

Timandra is a regular on BBC Radio, writing and presenting BBC Radio 4’s FutureProofing and other series including How To Disagree, Steelmanning and Political School. BBC documentaries include Data, Data Everywhere, Divided Nation, What Has Sat-Nav Done To Our Brains, and Five Knots. She was also resident reporter on all 8 seasons of social psychology series The Human Zoo.

Since winning the Independent newspaper’s column-writing competition, she has written for many publications including the Telegraph, Guardian, Sunday Times, Unherd, BBC Focus magazine, WIRED, Men’s Health and Significance (the journal of the Royal Statistical Society). Timandra chairs and speaks at public events for clients including Cheltenham Science Festival, the Royal Society, the British Council, the Royal Geographical Society, the RSA, the Institute of Ideas, the British Library, Wellcome Collection and many others.

After performing improvised & stand up comedy, & touring with a tented circus, she formed the first comedy science double-act in the UK with neuroscientist Dr. Helen Pilcher. Since then she has written and performed scientific and mathematical comedy from Adelaide (Australia) to Pittsburgh PA. Timandra has a BA in Film and Drama with Art & Art History, a BSc in Mathematics & Statistics, and is a Graduate Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.


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