The UK’s national showcase of data science and artificial intelligence (AI)

Hosted by The Alan Turing Institute, AI UK 2023 will be an in-depth exploration of how data science and AI can be used to solve real-world challenges. Our diverse programme has been thematically structured around the UK Government’s Office for Science and Technology Strategy’s priorities. With a broad range of interactive content, expect to hear the latest thinking on digital twins, algorithmic bias and AI ethics.

  • Attend sessions exploring the latest developments in data science and AI research, applied to the most pressing issues
  • Engage and collaborate with leading international thinkers across multiple disciplines
  • Immerse yourself in dynamic demonstrations of state-of-the-art research and innovation
  • Contribute to thought-provoking discussions, panel sessions and interdisciplinary networking sessions
  • Discover opportunities to engage with the Turing as the national institute for data science and AI

If you would like a press pass for AI UK, email [email protected]


AI UK 2023

Engage with the big questions in AI through inspiring interviews, thought-provoking conversations and exciting new ideas. With discussion-led talks and debates, take part in a lively atmosphere, discover emerging areas in data science and machine learning, and listen to our experts discuss the most pressing topics emerging across the ecosystem.

The future of cities

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How to do better in data ...

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Explore cutting-edge research from universities and institutions around the UK as we get technical in discovering how data science and AI is pushing the boundaries of possibility. With a plethora of exciting new developments across multiple disciplines, rarely has there been a more exciting time to delve into the forefront of emerging technology.

What can data science do ...

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Learn how innovative research is breaking down doors and solving real-world problems, impacting the lives of millions across the UK and beyond. From sustainability concepts to energy innovations, from making leaps in the medical world to the smart future of our cities, discover the impact of ground-breaking academic exploration.

AI governance in the UK a...

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How to make an impact: Pu...

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Discover moonshot ideas and fresh perspectives in these thought-provoking bite-sized chunks of content designed to intrigue and inspire. Join us for a quick update or settle in for an hour or two and get the latest on a fantastic range of lively topics.

Engage with both Turing researchers and colleagues from across data science, machine learning and AI. In this series of multi-disciplinary research-focused workshops, you can upskill, feedback on new research areas and grow your network.

Unearth the creative ways in which AI and data science are changing the world through a floor packed with exhibitions from the UK’s world-leading institutions. From a digital twin of RSS Sir David Attenborough to a 3D shoe sketcher revolutionising the way we shop, AI UK is the place to discover the very latest in pioneering technology solutions and engage with the minds behind their creation.

Our 2023 Speakers

AI UK will be full of pioneering experts across the data science and AI ecosystem, explore who will be leading the sessions or taking part in thought-provoking debates across the diverse programme.