ECR Connect

ECR Connect – the early career researcher’s conference – was an event specifically designed to offer early career researchers in the UK valuable networking and career-development opportunities. ECR Connect took place on Monday 18 March 2024 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, London.

The target audience was PhD students, as well as post-docs and those transitioning to independent research up to 5 years from PhD submission. This event was part of the Turing Connections initiative.

Why attend

Whether you’ve discovered machine learning on your undergraduate journey and can’t get enough, you’re setting out towards destination data science on your MSc or your PhD studies are taking you deeper into artificial intelligence (AI), AI UK is an essential stop on your research path.

Experience the latest developments in cutting-edge tech, delve deeper into fundamental AI and emerging research areas, and discover new professional and academic opportunities.

AI UK is where you’ll be with your community. Listen and learn from the academics, researchers and innovators already making waves in a variety of sectors. You’ll have opportunities to take part in debates and discussions on invigorating topics and find inspiration through our programme of world-leading speakers.

Join the conversation

Step into the heart of live discussions and debates that will ignite your curiosity. Listen to influential speakers in the field of data science and AI as they unravel the incredible advancements in machine learning through captivating interactive displays presented by true experts.

Connect with leading AI minds

At AI UK, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the brightest minds in the UK’s vibrant AI and data science landscape. Seize the opportunity to engage with the foremost thinkers in this dynamic ecosystem.

Participate in student-led sessions

It isn’t an event only for seasoned professionals; AI UK is the showcase event for everybody who has an interest and role to play in the UK’s machine learning landscape – including you! Attend student-led discussions, be part of engaging debates, and expand your network with a diverse community of new connections.

Stay informed with the latest AI trends

Whether you’re interested for interactive learning, inspiring interviews, or deep-diving into the latest trends in data science, AI UK opens the door to cutting-edge research and developments in the AI, data science, and machine learning realms.

Join us at AI UK for an experience that transcends boundaries and unlocks the limitless potential of AI and machine learning!

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